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Feminine Fragrances

Feminine fragrances have usually extra floral categories. The most common fragrance families used to make feminine perfumery are described here.

Fragrance Citrus:

Light and fresh character of citrus notes (orange, lemon,) is often combined with more feminine scents (flowers, fruits and chypre) to create Citrus Fragrance. These are the refreshing fragrances for the energetic, sporty woman and a re appropriate for office wear, day wear or warm evening wear. As well as, serves as an ideal summer fragrance especially for warm or humid climate.

Fragrance Green:

These are natural in character; often combined with fruity and floral notes. They are modern and fashionable. It serves best for the modern woman, working in an office atmosphere. Best for day wear and occasional evening wear in warmer weather. It adds sporty, charismatic and artful character to your personality.

Fragrance Floral:

Different floral fragrance notes are harmonized together. If, combined with any other family, floral perfumes are universally commercial. The starry nights get the soul from floral fragrances. . Floral fragrances evoke memories of tender moments. It’s considered to be the most feminine of all fragrance families.

Fragrance Oriental

It’s a blend of warmth and mystery. Generally, musks and precious woods are complemented by exotic essences. These fragrances are mostly worn in evening and add mystical, luxurious, dramatic and sensual character.

Fragrance Floriental:

Scents in this family include jasmine, gardenia tangerine, freesia, orange flower, and moon flowers. This category also has base scents of sandalwood, musk, amber, and apricot. Although this actually a sub category of the floral family it is extensive enough to give proper recognition. The perfumes in this family can be worn during the daytime and a night on the town, due to the combinations of exotic floras, spices, and essences. Famous floriental fragrances include Joop! Femme by Joop!, Samsara by Guerlain, Sun Moon Stars by Karl Lagerfeld, and Tresor by Lancome.

Fragrance Chypre

Based on a woody, mossy and flowery complex, sometimes it comes with aspects of leather or fruits. Chypre perfumes are rich and tenacious. These are considered very elegant, classical for women who tend to prefer slightly out of the norm fragrances. Chypre fragrances smell slightly dry, not very sweet.

Fragrance Oceanic:

These are the fresh scented, slightly soapy clean fragrances. They are ideal for sporty, young, joyous and energetic women.

Fragrance Modern:

Scents in this family are made from aldehydes, which are pure scent chemicals. These scents grow stronger as they are warmed by the skin, aldehydes also intensify the other scents in a perfume. This trend started by Coco Chanel with her Chanel #5 is used in almost every perfume manufactured today. Famous modern fragrances include Chanel No.5 by Chanel, Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills, and White Linen by Estee Lauder.


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