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 Perfumes Tips

 Fragrances can often reflect our mood and personality. A certain scent on a good friend may smell quite differently on you as each fragrance reacts differently according to our own chemical makeup.

 If you want to keep that favorite perfume as fresh as the day you bought it, keep the bottle in a cool, dark place

 Go for lighter scents during the hotter weather and keep the stronger scents for the drier, cool weather.

 It should be keep in a in a cool dark area, away from the sun preferably in the box.

These fragrances are designed all over the body. You can try spraying it on the air and walk into it, to have a head to toe experience.

 People with oily skin tend to have stronger fragrance as compared to those with dry skin.

 Apply perfume right after you shower. Your pores will be open and your skin will be warm,

 When hand-washing delicates like stockings and lingerie, add a few drops of perfume to the water.

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