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Perfumes ~ Gifts to Cherish  

Perfumes are considered to be one of the most favorite items to give on special occasions. Whether it is the Valentine's Day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, your friend or some sibling’s birthday, anniversary… whatever … just name the occasion and Perfume is the gift we treasure the most. We love getting perfumes for our special days. And if the fragrance turns out to be our favorite it doubles the pleasure.

Men and women, both have cherished this gift for ages; with no boundaries of nationality, race, religion, language … Perfumes are proving to be the icons of eternal love, bliss, ecstasy, desire for centuries now.

Wearing perfume is not only feminine indulgence but increasingly opposite sex is envisaging into scents, fragrances and perfumes even more.

But remember, fragrance is a very personal product, and choosing it is best left to the person who will wear it. Once you know his/her preferences, a gift of perfume is easy to find and always appreciated.

Steps in Perfume Selection as Gift  

 Find out what kind of perfume your dear one wears. Ask during a casual conversation, or do a little sleuthing on your own.

 Choose a bottle of that fragrance. Choices do not have to be limited to perfume.

 Buy the fragrance in a store or online. GoGoPerfume   have some really nice branded fragrances and scents available at discounted rates for men  and women  

Check the exchange policy, especially if you have bought a brand of fragrance that you are not sure the recipient likes.

 Wrap the perfume box, or arrange fragrance items in an attractive gift basket.


Tips to select  perfume:  

 If you are in a close relationship (spouse, sibling, parent or child) with the intended recipient, and if you don't know what fragrance he/she wears, choose something that smells good to you. Just make sure it can be exchanged if your enthusiasm is not shared

The price of perfume is extremely variable. You can pay less than $10 per bottle to $100 per ounce for designer scents.

Make sure it is appropriate for the person's age. A younger person usually doesn't like anything too heavy. Also, an eau de toilette or a mist, rather than perfume, is probably better if you are unsure of the person's tastes.

Some people have a severe dislike or may be allergic to fragrance. If you aren't sure, notice if the person uses scented lotions, candles or other perfumed items.


Rules to give perfumes as  gift:

  Do not give the gift of perfume or cologne unless you were standing next to your loved one in mall when they looked at the fragrance desirably and you clearly heard them wistfully say, "Oh, if only I had $70 to spare."

If such a case didn’t happened, may be your heart can open the ways. If the fragrance drives you to remember your dear one, maybe that’s the perfume you wanted to buy.

Fragrance is one of those specialized gifts (like sweaters) that people have an intimate connection with. If you don't love it, you just won't wear it.


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