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Wedding Fragrances

The big day is here...your Wedding Day - the one you've dreamt of and planned for. Making everything perfect for the day is dream of every bride and groom. Having a very special perfume to commemorate this incredible day can make it all come together.

Brides usually face a very emotional experience; all the happiness and excitement, and perhaps some anxiety. The right fragrance isn't going to guarantee that everything will be perfect, but it can smooth the way.

Choosing right Fragrance Family for the day is a must. The fragrance must also go with the theme of wedding, for floral arrangements … floral fragrances would do, for rusty wood environment Leather fragrance can be chosen.

According to aromachological studies, certain members of fragrance family can result in various therapies. As, citrus scent can lower the levels of our stress hormones in pressure situations; smell of rose is relaxing. Maybe that's where the expression "stop and smell the roses" comes from.

So what fragrance should you wear on your wedding day?

  For the bride, citrus and white flowers are recommended as fresh citrus scents lower stress levels, and the aroma of tropical blossoms such as jasmine and ylang is both relaxing and euphoric; just how you want to feel on your wedding day.

  For bridesmaid, soothing lavender and light floral scents make ideal fragrances. After all, they could use some calming and relaxing too. Similarly, if bridesmaids are given simple or single-note fragrances, their perfumes won't be fighting with each other or bride’s perfumes.

Fragrance and perfumes are the way to appeal to another sense, to create an immersive experience. At a wedding, everything from the linen water that perfumes table settings to the scented flowers adds its note to the fragrance of the wedding day.

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